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Show Us Your Life - Baby Gear

Welcome to Show Us Your Life Friday!!!
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Notice next week we will showing off our teams, tailgating, traditions, etc. and then the following week you will be able to feature your home based businesses - things you make and sell - and we can all do a little early holiday shopping and support other moms! (If that goes well - we can try to do it again in the spring/summer)

When I was pregnant with Harper - I did a little blog polling about what I really needed for a baby and what really wasn't necessary. It helped me a lot so I thought it would be great if we all shared again and then all of those who are pregnant or hoping to be pregnant can refer to this!
The thing to remember is all babies are different - so what worked great for me - doesn't mean it will work for you but I am still happy to share my experiences!
(By the way - how cute is the little princess in her crown onesie - find it HERE)

1. Bouncy seat - I had one made by Boppy. This was one of our best buys. Harper slept in it for the first probably 8 weeks of her life. It was also a great place to lay her down and it always kept her happy and calm. We had to quit using it around 4-5 months once she started climbing out.
2. Boppy Pillow - if you are nursing - I highly recommend it. It was the perfect fit for Harper to lay on and it made it so comfortable. We are still using it. She took a lot of great naps on that boppy pillow.
3. Pack and Play - Harper slept in this until she was 6 months old and we finally moved her to her own room. It was also a great changing table for those first 6 months. And this weekend - I'm finally converting it to a play pen for her and I think we will continue to get great use. (and in the meantime - it's been a great clothes hanger in our bedroom - ha!)
4. Swing - we had a Graco swing. Pretty much everything we bought was neutral colored so if we have a boy we can re-use. At first Harper HATED the swing but eventually she liked it. She took a few great naps in this as well. We quit using it around 5 months because she kept trying to climb out.
5. Exersaucer - she didn't like this at first but it's been a lifesaver for the last 3-4 months. She loves being in it and she sits in it every day and plays and eats a snack and just laughs and has so much fun. And I can cook dinner or take a shower!
6. Car seat/stroller system - we bought one by Graco and have loved it. We have taken a lot of walks in her stroller both when the car seat was in it and now facing out. And it folds down nicely. It's been great for shopping or walking.
7. Bath tub with sling - Harper loved bath time. We always used this in the kitchen sink. Just in the last month we have started giving her a bath in the bathtub sitting up and it is so much better - we both love baths this way. But her little bathtub worked great (a yellow $20 kind from Wal-Mart).
8. Humidifier - We have a cool mist and a warm one and they have both been important and have helped Harper sleep. I highly recommend having both.
9. Hooter Hider - if you are nursing - this is a MUST! (if you ever plan to leave the house)
10. Praise Baby DVD's - we have Baby Enstein but Harper is not the biggest fan but she NEVER gets tired of these and the music is so soothing and inspirational. It's a blessing to me and her.

1. Diaper Genie - I don't know if we didn't like it - we just opted out of this. It's been plenty easy to keep a small waste basket and just empty it in our big trash barrell every other day or so.
2. Wipes warmer - just never wanted to take the time to use it and since the hospital didn't use one - we never even tried.
3. Bumbo - I liked this but she probably only sat in it a few times for me to take pictures or maybe a few minutes a day. I was always worried she would fall over in it so I really didn't use it much. Probably not worth the money to me.
4. Sling/Baby Carrier - I had two different kinds and Harper HATED both - never used either one. But a lot of babies love these - so you never know.
5. I spent a lot of time worry about bottles and we have yet to use any. ha! Harper has probably taken less than 5 bottles in her life.
6. Swaddler blankets - regular blankets worked just fine and Harper really didn't love being swaddled after a few weeks anyway.
Crawl or walk over and show us what you used!

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