Thursday, April 29, 2010

Show Us your Life - How you met your husband

Today on Show Us your life Friday - it's "how you met your husband/wife/fiancee". All of you sweet girls who are single.....I hope maybe you will find some stories on this tour to give you hope! God is still writing your story! :-)

This is my story - I shared this about 3 years ago - but here it is again!

Once upon a time there was a cute little boy named Scott who was born in Magnolia, AR
and one state away in Dallas, TX there lived a little girl named Kelly
They both grew up in wonderful Christian homes with loving parents

As you can see they lived in similar styled home and liked to do the same things (ha!)
Scott grew up in the same house in the same town his whole life.
Kelly went to six different schools in six years and lived in Dallas, New Orleans, Benton, AR and Ft. Worth, TX

But they both spent junior high and high school in small towns in Arkansas and Kelly was a cheerleader and Scott played football.

Scott went to college at SAU and Kelly went to Ouachita and they both graduated college but neither one found the "one" in college

But Kelly did make a best friend in college who just "happened" to be Scott's cousin (or maybe God divinely planned it that way) and she decided to fix them up. So in June 2000 they met for a blind date.
This is a picture of Scott and Kelly on their third date.

(I knew he was the one after the second date. I finally felt AT HOME! )

And then after 3 1/2 years of dating........

they finally said "I do" on November 1, 2003

And that is really just the beginning of the story!

We've been married 6 1/2 years and every year just gets better!

Can't wait to read your stories!

Show Us Your Life - Teacher Gifts

Since I'm not a teacher and Harper doesn't have teachers yet - I don't have any ideas for you. I do try to do a little something for all her nursery workers at church because I appreciate them so much. So if you have great ideas or cute gifts - I'd LOVE your ideas!!!
School will be ending soon and it's time for those teacher gifts let's hear you great ideas!

Show Us Your Life - Organization Tips

I like to think I'm semi organized. I keep a million lists and a zillion excel spreadsheets. I feel like ever since I had Harper I am the most disorganized human on earth. I keep losing things. Just yesterday I lost my debit card. THANK GOODNESS - I lost it at church and they found it and called me. I have gone to the grocery store and had a cart full of groceries and then realized I left my wallet at home. I have locked my keys in the car a lot. I feel like I have lost my mind.

So - I'm passing the buck to all of you on this one - what are your best organization tips? The cleaning tips were great! I'm still reading through and getting ideas! Hope you are too!

Have a wonderful Good Friday! I'm so thankful for Jesus and that He died on the cross for our sins. I know I don't deserve His grace AT ALL but He loves me anyway. And the same goes for each of you! I love Easter dresses and Easter baskets and egg hunts ............but more than anything I love what this weekend is about - that our sins were paid for by the blood of Jesus and because of His sacrifice we can spend eternal life in Heaven with Him!!! I can't think of anything more wonderful than that! You just think Easter lunch is good now - wait until you are eating at the banquet table in Heaven!!! :-)

Show us your life - Cleaning Tips

I LOVE cleaning products! I am always walking down the Target or Wal-Mart cleaning aisles and just browsing for anything new that will make my life easier or our house more clean.
I'm looking forward to reading your tips - I really hope someone has good tips on keeping your glass shower streak free and clean and the best method for mopping floors. With a BUSY toddler - I feel like I can never get our kitchen floor clean enough anymore. She is constantly dropping food or her sippy cup or some kind of mess.

My tips are mostly:
1. My house may not always be completely dust free or mopped to perfection - but it is "picked up" and "neat". I try to go just keep the rooms clutter free so they have the appearance of being clean. Harper mostly plays in our family room and during the day it can be a disaster and I have learned to let it go......but every night after she is in bed - I pick up all the toys so at least for a few hours it looks clean.
2. I make our bed every single day - rain or shine, sick or well, late or on-time - the bed is made. Harper's bed will be the same way one day. I just think one of the best ways to make you feel organized or that your house is clean is to have beds that are made.
3. I never leave dishes in the sink. I run the dishwasher every night and in the morning while Harper eats breakfast - I unload it and so I can load it up again during the day.
4. I also clean while I cook. If I use something - I clean it up right then instead of making a big pile for later.
5. I try to designate either one room or one major task a day. As in Mondays I clean the kitchen, Tuesday the family room and on and on OR Mondays I dust, Tuesdays I mop, etc. I hate saving all the cleaning for one day. I'd rather just clean a little every day.

WHAT are your cleaning tips???

Show Us Your life - Mission Trips

I have never been on an actual mission trip but I'm DYING to. Hopefully we will go once Harper is old enough to go and understand! I can't wait for that!
The closest I've been would be the Compassion trip back in November. It was more of a Vision Trip! But I have a heart for missions and hope that one day I will be able to go somewhere! In the meantime - there are always ways to give and do work in my own backyard and that is missions as well!

I would love to hear about your mission trips you have been on and what you saw, learned, and how you were changed!

Show Us Your Life - Favorite Charities

I apologize that this post is up so late on the day Friday - being out of town threw me off. But it's up now!!!

I am excited to read about different charities you are all affiliated with! It's always good to broaden our horizons and find ways to get involved and help others. I think we each probably find charities that have somehow touched us or that our life experiences have led us to.

My number one charity isn't really a charity but it's the place we give the most to and that is to our church. We tithe and hopefully give more than 10% usually because we feel that is commanded by God in the Bible. We believe that everything we have came from God and is His anyway so giving back a portion of our earnings isn't so much about giving God money - but a step of trust and faith. I haven't always tithed but I've seen God's provision as we trust Him in giving Him our tithes.

The other charities we have given to especially in the last year include the Ronald McDonald House, the Promise House (a home for unwed mothers here in our state) and Compassion International. Those are three that I believe firmly in. But there are so many other wonderful places to give money to and help. I've love to hear of places you actually get in the trenches and help with as well as donate money to!

It's your turn!

Show Us Your life - what is a typical day like?

If you receive a strange comment on your blog: please ignore and delete.

Just a reminder of the schedule for the next few weeks:
Mar 5 - What is your typical day like - I'd love to hear from single girls/Working moms/SAHM's
Mar 12 - Favorite Charities
Mar 19 - Share your mission trips
Mar 26 - Best Cleaning tips
April 2 - Best Organization ideas
April 9 - Idea for Teacher gifts
April 16 - How you met your husband/fiance

Or you can always find the schedule HERE.

So my typical day:

Every day of mine is different because we have scheduled things like Bible Study, MOPS, or play group nearly every day. But if we were to have a full day at home - this is what it would look like.

Harper is my alarm clock. She normally wakes up between 6 and 7. She eats breakfast and while she is in her high chair I clean up the kitchen, unload the dishwasher, etc. We then spent the next hour or two playing. Harper plays in our family room with all her toys or runs around our kitchen pulling everything out she can get her hands on. ha!
She goes down for a nap from 9 - 11. I use this time to take a shower and get ready and then do some kind of household chore: laundry, a little cleaning, etc.
Harper gets up and we play more and then have lunch.
After lunch we usually either run errands or spend more time playing. Here lately she has begun taking an afternoon nap. During this nap I cook dinner or sometimes I just sit and watch TV or read e-mails.
After her afternoon nap - it's more playing, chasing her around the house. I feed her dinner around 5 and then it's bath and bed around 6:30.
After she goes to bed, Scott and I eat dinner and then usually spend time watching TV. This is usually the only time I have to blog or answer e-mails.
I normally go to bed between 11 and 12.

What is your day like?

Show us your life - Show Us your collections

So today on Show Us Your Life Friday - it's all about collections. What do you collect???

I don't collect a thing..................unless you count Sonic cups. ha!

But I look forward to seeing what you collect. Put what it is in the subject so it will be easy for us to find!

Show us Your life - Show Us your ministry

(Note: I know today was supposed to be things you collect but we moved it out one week because I just felt led to do this instead. I talked about it in a couple of posts .....but we will do that next week).

Today is a day for you to link up if you have a blog dedicated to ministering to people. If you have something that can help encourage others through something you have been through. It may be infertility, adoption, singleness, the loss of a child, the loss of a spouse, financial issues, abuse, addictions many other things.
You don't just need a website dedicated to this......if you want to just share your testimony in some kind of area and offer encouragement - I would love for you to do that.

And if you are struggling in any area of your life - I hope that you will find a link that speaks to you and find hope and know you are NOT alone!

The only thing I ask is that in the title when you enter your link - PLEASE put what topic you are dealing with. That will help direct readers!

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

Show Us your life -Valentines Dates or Ideas

Today is Show Us Your Life - Valentines Dates or Memories

I couldn't honestly remember a great Valentines Date. Since we have been married -we mostly stay at home on valentines to avoid crowds. I try to cook a special dinner or something.

Probably my best memory of Valentines (besides last year when Harper was just a month old and my parents came and kept her and Scott and I had a lunch date. That was our first time away from her and we probably weren't gone an hour and we talked about her the entire time. That is a very special memory for me) was Valentines 2000. I closed on my first house that year. I was single and I felt so grown up.

Scott and I were dating long distance at the time and he came up and helped me and my parents move me in. He gave me a pretty necklace and two dozen roses that year. I will just always remember that Valentines Day! I will always remember that house. After we got married, we lived there a year before we moved. But until we got married - that was the only time in my life I lived alone. And I'm glad I had that opportunity. I don't want to do it again. ha !

What are your favorite Valentines dates or memories?

Show us Your life - Beauty Tips and Favorite Products

Today on Show Us your Life Friday - we are talking Beauty tips and Hair and Make-Up products!

I have been looking forward to today because girls - I need some tips. Especially make-up. I have NO IDEA how to do makeup. Mine is pitiful. And a lot of you ask me - I have never used a skin care regimen. I know I need to - but I'm lazy.

I love Bare Essentuals make-up. That is the only make-up I have ever found that I like and seems to give good coverage without feeling heavy.

And I discovered Merle Norman Spice Sachet lip pencil right before I got married over 6 years ago and it has been my faithful friend. PLEASE never get discontinued. It is the perfect shade!

Other than that - I'm out. I REALLY need a make-up artist to come and help me.
Carmindy - I really need your help!

As far as hair - I just couldn't live without my Chi flat iron and now Freeze it hair spray! And a big round brush and hair dryer. I have curly, wavy hair and it takes work to get it into a straight bob. ha!

Okay - please dish - what are your secrets, tips, favorite products?

Show Us Your Life - FASHION TIPS

Today is Show Us Your Life - Fashion Tips. And honestly I'm a little "chawed". I just feel real out of style most days. I have learned to just figure out what works for me. I like to stay as close to "in style" as I can but I'm 36 and have big hips and let's face it - all styles will not work.

And my style has changed over the last year. I always used to wear heels and now I NEVER do. I've traded all my shoes in for flats and flat boots and I'm so happy. I just can't do heels anymore. Especially being a SAHM and carrying around a big baby and a lot of gear all the time. I refuse to be in pain. ha!

I guess my fashion tip is just my signature look. I say it's my signature look only because people are always dressing like this and then saying or sending me pics and saying "hey - I look like Kelly today". ha! I do this out of complete necessity - it stretches my wardrobe.

My main fashion wardrobe consists of a lot of dresses and in the winter I put turtlenecks or long sleeve shirts underneath with tights or leggings and flats or mostly boots. And then in the summer - I pair the same dresses with flip flops or sandals. As you can tell in this pictures - I've started putting Harper in the same thing. I find myself putting long sleeved shirts under dresses for her all the time. ha!
I got this cute Gold Dress at Ann Taylor loft on sale for $20!!! So I put my black t-neck and tights underneath and I just loved it. I had a big pearl necklace to wear with it.
Here is Harper sporting the look once again.

I found I had to really change my wardrobe when I was nursing......whoa - that's a whole other post for a different day. I'm so glad to be free to wear what I want again and not worry constantly about how Harper was going to eat. ha!

Ya'll are all at different places in life - so it will be fun to hear different tips - or what you like to wear. Maybe I can get ideas on how to stretch my wardrobe even more. I've been adding scarfs to plain black dresses and that has been fun and I've also worn jeans a LOT more this year. I have never worn jeans in my life until this past year but life changes, huh?

And leggings have become my best friend! SO much more comfortable than jeans but you can make them dressier like under a dress or tunic and better than yoga or sweat pants! LOVE them!

Show Us your life - where do you shop???

Today on Show Us Where You Live - It's all about Where do you shop? On-line or In Stores?

I think we'd love to find new places or good ideas - so tell us any unusual spots!

These are a few places I have been loving lately:

Of course - I love Target, T J Maxx and even Wal-Mart for cute, cheap clothes!

I love Ann Taylor Loft - especially lately. They have had the cutest stuff! Very girly and ruffly. It can be a little pricey BUT they have great sales!

I found this web site called Shabby Apple recently and I think they have the CUTEST stuff. It's all dresses and they are really pretty!!!The Latest Dresses from Shabby Apple
I love this one!
And I think this would would be great for Razorback games! :-) Or any other time!
My sweet blogger friend Caroline who has the BEST style - recently twittered about this site : www. and I am LOVING it. Kind of retro dresses! So cute!
And I really love Francesca's for cute tops and dresses and they also have very cute jewelry!

I was going to talk about Harper's clothes but I think we may just have a separate day for children's clothes!!!


Show Us Your Life - Diets, Exercise Programs, Weight loss ideas

I have always struggled with my weight. I've never been HUGELY overweight but it's been up and down on the scale since I went to college and was introduced to the greatness of my college cafeteria. ha!

I've actually lost 5 pounds over the last week or two just by cutting sugar. (of course when you have been eating raw cookie dough and oreos and drinking real coke and then you cut that out - it's not surprising to lose a little). After this week I REALLY want to start exercising and I'm hoping by spring/summer to be back to my pre-fertility drug weight.

I don't have any great tips but I am hoping you DO! I'd love to hear success stories - what works for you -your favorite form of exercises - diet programs that work - low calorie recipes - before/after pictures .......anything on this subject will qualify!!!

Show us Your life - New Years Goals and Resolutions

Welcome back to SHOW US HOW YOU LIVE 2010!!!!

Today is New Years Resolutions/Goals! Maybe reading each others will give us ideas on things we can work on! Can't wait to read yours!


1. I could be a lot better wife and mother (and Scott is saying "Amen!") I was a very rookie mom this year and I have to admit - I had a lot of hard days. It's a LOT harder than it looks. And there were days Scott came home and probably wish he hadn't of because I took it out on him. I just want to enjoy every moment with Harper this year and realized the days are long but the years are short. I want to focus on giving Scott more of my attention. He deserves it.

2. I want to be a better friend. I probably dropped the ball on a lot of my friends because I just felt up to my eyeballs most days this year. I want to do better at sending notes when I know friends need it. Or doing favors and not expecting one in return. I want to go back to having people over for dinner more often.

3. I want to be a better Christian. I want to spend more time with God. I neglected Him a lot this year. I loved and worshipped Him every day - but I didn't always spend time talking to Him or reading His word or trying to KNOW HIM more.

4. I want to be more healthy. Yes - I need to lose 20 pounds and I just can NOT put down the chick-fil-a and oreos. I want to exercise this year. I want to feel good about myself again.

5. I want to be a better daughter/DIL. Our families have done so much for us this year - I want to be better at doing for them and showing them I love them.