Thursday, April 29, 2010

Show us your life - Cleaning Tips

I LOVE cleaning products! I am always walking down the Target or Wal-Mart cleaning aisles and just browsing for anything new that will make my life easier or our house more clean.
I'm looking forward to reading your tips - I really hope someone has good tips on keeping your glass shower streak free and clean and the best method for mopping floors. With a BUSY toddler - I feel like I can never get our kitchen floor clean enough anymore. She is constantly dropping food or her sippy cup or some kind of mess.

My tips are mostly:
1. My house may not always be completely dust free or mopped to perfection - but it is "picked up" and "neat". I try to go just keep the rooms clutter free so they have the appearance of being clean. Harper mostly plays in our family room and during the day it can be a disaster and I have learned to let it go......but every night after she is in bed - I pick up all the toys so at least for a few hours it looks clean.
2. I make our bed every single day - rain or shine, sick or well, late or on-time - the bed is made. Harper's bed will be the same way one day. I just think one of the best ways to make you feel organized or that your house is clean is to have beds that are made.
3. I never leave dishes in the sink. I run the dishwasher every night and in the morning while Harper eats breakfast - I unload it and so I can load it up again during the day.
4. I also clean while I cook. If I use something - I clean it up right then instead of making a big pile for later.
5. I try to designate either one room or one major task a day. As in Mondays I clean the kitchen, Tuesday the family room and on and on OR Mondays I dust, Tuesdays I mop, etc. I hate saving all the cleaning for one day. I'd rather just clean a little every day.

WHAT are your cleaning tips???


  1. I'm not so sure about making the glass streak free (we have a curtain) BUT - to get the grime out of your shower...try using scrubbing bubbles (any kind - foam, spray, etc.) and a magic eraser. It will rock your world. Let the scrubbing bubbles sit for several minutes, then use the magic eraser to wipe it down. It makes it shine!

    I also swear by a stick vac. I have the Shark version, but as long as it is cordless and is lightweight - I go to town on my floors with my stick vac! It picks up all of my daughters crumbs and any dirt that my farmer husband tracks in! I LOVE a stick vac!

    If people are coming over, the first thing I head for is the kitchen! I always want my kitchen cleaned up and the living room clutter put away. :)

  2. Dear Kelly,

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