Thursday, October 1, 2009

SHOW US HOW YOUR LIFE - Dessert Recipes

Last week was great - I'm going to have to go through and try a lot of those recipes.
This week is even better - desserts! Yum!!!!
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This is super easy and you can make it any kind of variety you like. I've seen yellow cake and chocolate icing and chocolate and chocolate. But being the good Southern girl I am - I LOVE red velvet cake so I thought this would be good.
All you do is bake the cake mix according to directions
When it's still warm - crumble it up in a bowl and mix in a can of frosting (I used cream cheese with the red velvet!)
IMPORTANT STEP: Refrigerate the cake and frosting for about an hour before you start making balls!
I used this handy little scooper from Pampered chef to scoop balls
Melt almond bark (either vanilla or chocolate - depending on your cake) and dip balls in the bark. You could use toothpicks or a fork - but I used this egg separator and it worked GREAT!
And voila - one of the yummiest things you will ever taste!!!


  1. Hi Kelly! I just came across this post via Katie@ The Baby Factory. This recipe looks great and super easy! I just have one question... do you need to refrigerate the cake balls after making them? I'm wanting to bring them to a Thanksgiving dinner that is 13 hours from us and didn't know if they would be okay during the trip without refrigeration. Thanks! :)