Thursday, October 1, 2009

SHOW US HOW YOUR LIFE - Wedding Showers

I'm really out of the wedding circles these days. I have only hosted two wedding showers in the last couple of years. I guess I'll have to wait until all my friend's kids start getting married to host anymore.
We had my friend Hillary's wedding shower at my house last year. Her colors were green and black. Her new last name started with a "B".
Yummy Food
How cute are these petit fours??? I got these for her lingerie shower the night before her wedding. I just think these are TOO cute!
We played a fun game and picked out names for each "nightie" she got and then wrote them all on pieces of paper so on her honeymoon - her husband could choose a "name" and then she would wear the corresponding gown. It was a lot of fun.
I had several really nice showers when I was engaged. This shower was thrown by Scott's home church. It was so nice and different. They had us come up on a Saturday and open all the gifts with just our family. And then the shower was the next afternoon and they laid out all the opened gifts on tables for everyone to look at and then I basically stood in the house and everyone came and spoke to me.
This isn't a very good picture but it was me and the two Judys (our moms) in front of the beautiful table.
This fruit table was amazing!!!
Here are people looking at a table that held our Christmas dishes and some other things.
My parent's church (that I grew up in) threw me a very nice shower also (you can tell we got married in the fall). This is me, my mom and my mam-ma.
This was the traditional kind where you sit in a circle and open gifts while everyone watches you - very chawing to me!

I'd love to see your showers and get ideas. I'm sure there are a lot of you out there planning showers soon for someone!

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  1. Kelly,

    I just LOVE the parties that you always throw. You have such a good eye for details and you should really do this as a living. I wish I had a Wedding Shower to show, but when my husband and I got married in '07, we opted to just have a small outdoor Spring wedding with about 50 or so guests, and at the time I didn't want a shower. Looking back, I do wish that we had let our friends throw us one, but I did have a lingerie shower that was a lot of fun with just my best girlfriends instead.

    You look adorable at your own wedding showers, and I can't get over how young Scott looks in the one of ya'll opening gifts. So cute!

    Happy Friday!