Wednesday, July 29, 2009


It's time for something I'm so excited!! I only have 6 more months until Harper's first birthday party and it's time to start planning! So I'm ecstatic to see your pictures and ideas. I found a great website that has all kinds of ideas - you can see them here:

This was a cute cookies and milk party
A Candy Party

Circus Party
Cupcake Party

Show us what you did for your kid's birthday parties or put an idea board of what you would like to do! I think so many of us are looking for party ideas!

(P.S. Next week is show us your wedding dress pictures!!!!)

(P.P.S. Sorry - before I couldn't get the link list to work - I'm trying MckLinky for this week instead. If you could - put a simple theme along with your name on your link!)


  1. So much Cute Baby...
    i want to share ideas for kids birthday party.
    There are Wonderful ideas for kids parties on Kids Fairy Land...

  2. Its really a good read for me .... I'll share here a memorable day.its my beautiful day when I was 7 and my mother organize a birthday party ... She gets kids birthday party games ideas from kidsfairyland.Com/