Thursday, August 20, 2009

Show Us How You Live - Favorite Vacations

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This week - we are showing off our favorite vacation spots.

One of my favorite places ever is Gulf Shores, AL. We are headed there soon!!

But my other two VERY favorite places I've been are NYC and Kauai.

In May 2004 - I went to NYC with 3 of my best friends. My friend Megan actually won the trip so everything was free but our food. We went to 2 Broadway shows and did all the sightseeing stuff. Here are Laurie and I in front of Lady Liberty!
I love this picture with the city behind us. This is Laurie, Hillary, me and Megan.
We discovered H&M on that trip and we literally went every day. We would buy a bunch of stuff and go back to the hotel every night and have a style show and decide what we liked and didn't like and then take stuff back and start all over. It was so fun! Laurie and I were waiting to go in one morning. :-)
Hillary and me on the double decker bus tour of the city
This is one of my very favorite pictures of the four of us. I have it framed in my kitchen.
We ate at Tavern on the Green that night.
At the top of the Empire State Building
That was SUCH a fun trip. I want to go back SO badly!
And this is a little heaven on earth. Scott and I have been to Kauai twice and we love it. We stayed at the same hotel in the same room both times and this was our view out our window. Can you understand why we requested the same room the second time.
This is the night we ate a little hole in the wall restaurant and we were sitting literally 10 feet away from Pierce Brosnon and his family. Actually Pierce (James Bond) held the door open for us as we came in and I nearly passed out.
We tried to be very "bachelorette" and took a helicopter ride to see the island. Only on the show it seems so romantic and in reality we were both about to lose our breakfast and I had to keep my eyes closed and hold a barf bag most of the ride. ha! But this was the view when I opened my eyes.

This was coming up the climb from our favorite beach - Hideaways. It is very hard to get through - you have to climb down a cliff basically but it's so worth it - it was GORGEOUS! (I had to be very careful because I was pregnant with Harper at the time!)
We waited until the last morning to try and take pictures in front of our beach and it was so foggy - you could not see the mountains or view. Oh well - lesson learned.

Hopefully we will move to Kauai one day and you can all come visit us.

Now - show me your favorite vacations so we can all see where we want to visit next!!!

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  1. My husband and I went to New York City last year. It was the best vacation ever. This year to the Grand Canyon. But truely I wish we would have gone back to NY. I love the City!